About Us

Twin sisters, musicians, synaesthetes, visual artists & designers; Catherine & Jennifer Strutt, figured out pretty early on in their childhood that their everyday lives were not quite the same as the everyday lives of their friends. Growing up in a family of musicians and artists, the sisters were cocooned in a grassroots way of life and spent endless days craft making, listening to their parents records of traditional folk music, camping and going to folk festivals in the family’s old Landrover.

On weekends the sisters would set off on their pushbikes and explore their surrounding suburb. They picked mulberries in the spring and built bush cubbies in the summer on the creek amongst the Privet and bees before riding home to spend hours in their Dad’s shed designing, painting and building things.

Both sisters contemplated pursuing other individual studies but by the time they had finished school, Catherine and Jennifer felt a deep love and understanding for visual art. They had an intuitive flair for colour and design and they knew that the only place to harness and develop this energy was at Art School.

Five successful, amazing and inspiring years later the sisters left the sanctum of art school, joined forces and styles to work collaboratively, found a studio and started their careers as professional visual artists.

Sweeping up one day in 2006, they collected some scraps from their studio floor and fashioned them into earrings and necklaces for themselves.

Excited by the opportunity of wearing their own completely unique, individual jewellery, the sisters made a small collection of pieces and wore them everyday. Unintentionally, they received enormous interest from friends and strangers alike, which motivated them into making their very first range of funky lightweight jewellery. Their introductory stall at a local artisans market created a frenzy of excitement from fashionistas also wanting something unique and individual and The Strutt Sisters was born.

The Strutt Sisters are inspired by the colours, patterns and design of folk costumes and traditions from around the world especially of Scandinavia, a land they have travelled extensively as musicians. Every piece has been made entirely by hand by Catherine and Jennifer with each tiny shape of wood handled thirteen times within the creative process before being assembled into one finished and ready to wear, piece of jewellery. The engaging and unique element to their jewellery is that every piece of The Strutt Sister’s jewellery is quite literally a tiny Strutt Sister’s artwork, wearable, lightweight, durable and alive with the colour and images of bygone years combined with clean and simple shapes evocative of classic Scandinavian design.

The Strutt Sisters continue to develop their jewellery and lifestyle brand and can be found industriously working in their studio on new jewellery designs while sawing, drilling, painting and riveting new artwork for future exhibitions and commissions.