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The Dance at Silver Valley

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The Dance at Silver Valley

The story: As musicians, we have played at many, many dances and this work is not unlike what we have seen from the stage during a great night of playing. The work originated from the amazing panel of fabric that we have used for the background of the stage which depicts the scene of a hoe down in a barn. We continued this theme by painting the stage in stripes for floorboards and setting the whole scene in an art deco hall, somewhere in the 1930s in Texas. It's a hot night of jostling, laughing, merry spinning, and a good old punch up. The title of the work comes from an old cowboy song. Mixed media assemblage (fabric, wood, paint, resin, aluminium, paper) 870mmW x 420mmH x 180mmD


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    Price: $2,400.00
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